The FAM Farm

where we have our Family, Animals, and a whole lot More....

Our Mission

The Family, Animal, and More Farm is on a mission to produce quality products and wholesome foods, as well as breed healthy animals.

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The FAM Farm--the name says it all:

 The FAM Farm is short for The Family, Animals, and More Farm Est January 2011

We are a small Family owned and operated business.  We all have chores to do, even our son is happy to tell anyone his job is to 'play with the babies so they get use to being held.'  As a family we have many skills and talents and we figured why not use them to help bless others.

As animal lovers we feel that a family isn't complete until the perfect pet has been found, whether it be a typical pet or something a bit more unique.   We love all our pets, and breed so we can bless others with high quality pets for an affordable price. 

The FAM Farm does not breed our cats or dogs, we always try to get them fixed before breeding age and encourage others to do the same.  Occasionally though we will find ourselves home to a pregnant rescue animal at which point we will try to rehome the babies, but please do not think we are cat or dog breeders.  We are firm believers in getting cats and dogs fixed ASAP and although we are not against breeders we do hope that people do it responsibly, there are so many homeless dogs and cats that we do hope people take that into consideration before choosing to breed. 

make sure you constantly check back with The FAM Farm as we will be adding more items (don't forget about our facebook page).