The FAM Farm

where we have our Family, Animals, and a whole lot More....

The Fam Farm Brings you the BEST

The Family, Animal, and More Farm is on a mission to produce quality products and wholesome foods, as well as breed healthy animals.

The FAM Farm currently breeds mixed rabbits, California Rabbits, Nigerian Dwarf and mini-lamancha goats' and Red Wattle/blue butt pigs.  All our animals have their own names and are very loved on because they are our family's pets. 

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We have More

Products we also sell at "The Fam Farm" -

Farm Fresh Eggs (for local pick up only, we do not ship eggs)

Homemade Laundry Soap

Home made Automatic Dishwasher detergent

home made goats milk soap (available in limited quantities)

Castille Soap

Lye Soap

Coming soon
Body wash
Lotion bars



We are on Facebook

In case you didn't already know The FAM Farm is on facebook, go on over and check it out, make sure to like it while you are there so you can be entered into our give aways as well as stay up to date with what is happening at the fam farm.  Don't know how to find us on facebook, just click on Miss Skittles and she should be able to help you find the way (page opens in new window)--see you there!!! 

The FAM Farm now Uses and Offers DoTERRA products

In an attempt to save money and become more 'all natural' at The FAM Farm we have recently begun using DoTERRA oils. I have been using them on and off for a while now for myself, and have decided to see just how they will help us combat some various issues that arrive, when you own animals, in a hope that we can lesson our use of strong chemicals, pesticides, and medicines (not that we use any of that regularly on our animals but it has always been a major concern of ours if we ever had to, and always such a hassle).   If you are interested in learning more about their products or maybe even purchasing them for your own use you can visit this website here to go to my official DoTERRA page.  DoTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and we use them in place of synthetic scents in the Goats milk, lye, and  the Castile soap we make and sell.

Donations are always welcome

Although we don't often solicit donations, recently we have found ourselves in a position where we are not only caring for our own animals, but also some rescue animals as well as the neighborhood pot belly pig, geese, and roosters that roam our dirt road looking for food (I just can't stand to see an animal go hungry, specially when I know how much their owners struggle to feed them) but now what started out as a 'we'll just throw them some bread' has turned into them coming daily for their breakfast and supper and so I thought I would mention it and see if anybody was interested in helping us by feed for them, we have a local bread store that sells feed bread for $1 a bag, which is about 5-6 loaves, and as of lately we have started throwing all stock out for them, if we could afford it we would love to be able to help get some hay for the horses that live right next door, I know they are being fed and they have plenty of room to graze but they still look like they are starving.  With that said, I am going to put a donate button down below, don't worry, if you don't have the money to help out that is ok, I am not going to guilt anybody, but if you do want to help we would really appreciate it.  All money donated through this button will go straight towards feed for these animals, and may I say Thank you' in advance for any and all of your generous donations.